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Occupied Kids are Happy Kids

What is the best way to handle the much-dreaded school break this March for busy working parents? Kids come home loaded with much homework and this often takes the joy off the holidays. Here are a few pointers that would be functional for the family and delight the young ones.

  • Schedule each day for them for the rest of the week
  • To urge them out of bed, you could include them in the breakfast prep. Ask them for help to make simple granola cups with Oatberry Granolas. These coupled with yogurt and fruits; are gluten-free, nutritious and build them with the dietary requirements. They will be bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning.
  • Homeworks to be done immediately after breakfast. Look through and spread them out for the next five days. Encourage them to complete their homework for the day and set a treat, as additional motivation. Set up a homework life-line if they require extra tuition.
  • After lunch, it would be a great time to nap or to relax with their favorite TV show. Parental guidance is advised to guide them away from unwanted behavioral conditioning.
  • Kids love tea-times and it’s time to multi-task with artistic discovery pursuits, just in case you have a budding Picasso in the family or maybe just simply cultivate new skills. Buy some art supplies and encourage them to show their finished work when you get home, literally they will be your conversation pieces for each day. The older kids could start on culinary skills. Leave behind simple doable recipes that the whole family could enjoy as dessert after dinner. Layering Trifles in a recycled jam jar would be as interesting as they could vary the ingredients, as you could raise their awareness in nutritional values. Our Cinnamon Apple and Double Chocolate are excellent when loosely grounded and layered with ice-cream, nuts, and fruits.
  • Lastly, time for some exercises at the playground, in case the weather doesn’t permit it, well it might be the best time to put on some music and dance silly around the house. 

The most important aspect of seeing this through would be communicating their schedules before the start of the week. Your enthusiasm would be their motivation, and your promises of treats for their follow through would be something for them to look forward to these March School Holidays. Remember! Habits formed early will always stay with them, even when there are no more treats, as they will soon find their passion.