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Pajama Party aka Slumber Party


Slumber parties are amazing ice-breakers to get to know your community of neighbors, your kid's classmates, and their parents. Every kid jumps at the idea of having friends over, to spend playtime together. These parties encourage bonding experiences, as the adults and kids alike form their own support group of hangout buddies. Such opportunities allow the nurturing newly formed friendships. Here are some creative ideas to plan your next party.

Involve your kids in the planning process, this is where they acquire valuable skills on how to prepare nutritious and healthy snacks, conduct games and be a gracious host. Some awesome leadership skills, in the snugness of their pajamas! Set the date and draw out the guests list and create handmade invites, time for personal creativity for the whole family.

Start the ball rolling with the event planning list from start to finish. This helps your kids to visualize and process the event in their mind.
Start a countdown calendar to their anticipation and they could help you with the menu planning and shopping. Light snacks like frozen yogurt bark, crispy baked granola chicken nuggets, fruit shake with almond milk, gluten-free jello fruit cups; these are great healthy choices.

On that day, re-arrange the furniture if necessary, create an atmosphere, that is cozy and comfortable. Lots of pillows, blankets, and room to move around with nice scented candles. You can prepare personalized guest packs; such as; home-made face masks made from avocado, cucumber & lemon. Include nail polish and some girly items for girls. Favorite entertainers are beauty spa time, movies, card games, story sharing time- everything that encourages them to come out of their shells in the safety and privacy of your home.

Here you would have created your kid’s best, lifetime childhood memories and chanced their life-long friends, whom they might cherish into their adulthood. Remember, get enthusiastic and don’t forget to have some fun yourself. Cheers to Pyjamas Parties!

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