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Potluck with Granola Goodness

The next time you are invited to someone’s home for dinner or party, these recipes will come in handy for you. We have created 2 super delicious, easy to make recipes to surprise your hosts. Firstly, always store extra packs of our Oatberry Granola in your pantry, which are filled with nutritious goodness, gluten-free and easy to use, as they complement most recipes, such as cakes, desserts, treats, snacks, trail mix and many more. Therefore, here are 2 recipes both savory and sweet, to look forward to on your next potluck party. 

1. Crispy Granola Nuggets


500 g Chicken Breast – cut into small cubes and lightly salt them and marinate in ginger.

Two teaspoons grated ginger.

½ cup Maple Pecan Granola – Blended into breadcrumbs

One teaspoon Garlic powder

One teaspoon Paprika

½ cup Gluten free flour

Two eggs – beaten

Oil for frying

Mix granola crumbs together with gluten-free flour, garlic powder, and paprika to form a paste with water. Next individually dip the nuggets into the beaten eggs and then into the batter mixture. Shallow fry them with oil on a skillet, turning both sides after 3 minutes or longer until golden brown. Increase the ingredients in proportions, if you have a larger group.

2. Granola Trifle


4 cups Vanilla or Tropical Fruit flavored Greek Yogurt

3 cups ripe mango cubes

2 cups ripe pineapple cubes – grilled with ¼ cup of maple syrup or honey

½ cup sweet desiccated coconut

4 cups Oatberry Granola -  www.oatberry.com

½ cup mint leaves

½ cup maple syrup or honey - ¼ to coat pineapple before grilling and ¼ for trifle topping

3 liters Trifle Dish

In a Trifle dish, begin with the first layer of granola, topped with mango and pineapple cubes. Then place a layer of Greek yogurt. Repeat process until you complete all ingredients, leaving the last layer of fruits. Then complete the Trifle over the fruits, with the toasted coconut, mint leaves, and maple syrup.

We at Oatberry.com encourage both culinary experts and amateurs to try out our recipes with your own variations. Cooking is the greatest art of all mother of invention.