Reignite your Love this Valentine's Day

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition - Alexander Smith

The daily mundanity of life, makes the person, that you were completely besotted by, now seems almost impossible to live with. Time to set your priorities right and reinvent your stalemate situation. Applying 'CPR' will bring back the breath of life: 

Cuddles & Conversations

Relationships grow within the concept of conscious effort. Prioritize, as there are a time and a place for everything. Set aside family time to discuss home matters once a week. Free yourself up the rest of the week and get intimate. Revive your dreams and love for each other by spending good quality time traveling together or having a weekend staycation.

Personal Time Together

Date nights are excellent; weekly on Friday and consciously be present for the moment. You don’t have to splash your money on fancy restaurants. Your kitchen has the best setting for a romantic evening. Send off the kids to the in-laws or the movies with your nanny. Explore and invent nutritious recipes and try them out. Set them on your weekly menus. has some savory recipes with our gluten-free nutritious granola. Otherwise, substitute our healthier granolas with these simple recipes like Chicken Schnitzel,  Truffles Parmesan Chicken, Pork Chops, Cutlets with Granola and even Beef Jerky Granola Bar.

Reflection & Relaxation

Prioritize and put your life in the right perspectives. Why and who are you working for, foremost what counts is your family relationships. Responsibilities are just by-product. Get Spiritual as great living is in the harmony within Body, Mind & Soul. If you are not into reading, you can listen to audio books, daily inspirations, and affirmations. You cant fix everything that’s not right but families that place patience first, cultivate love. Learn to forgive, let go and choose your battles.

Re-ignite & Re-discover your Romance this Valentine's Day.