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Occupied Kids are Happy Kids

What is the best way to handle the much-dreaded school break this March for busy working parents? Kids come home loaded with much homework and this often takes the joy off the holidays. Here are a few pointers that would be functional for the family and delight the young ones.

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Potluck with Granola Goodness

The next time you are invited to someone’s home for dinner or party, these recipes will come in handy for you. We have created 2 super delicious, easy to make recipes to surprise your hosts. Firstly, always store extra packs of our Oatberry Granola in your pantry, which are filled with nutritious goodness, gluten-free and easy to use, as they complement most recipes, such as cakes, desserts, treats, snacks, trail mix and many more. Therefore, here are 2 recipes both savory and sweet, to look forward to on your next potluck party.  1. Crispy Granola Nuggets Ingredients 500 g Chicken Breast – cut into small cubes and lightly salt them and marinate in ginger. Two teaspoons grated ginger. ½ cup Maple Pecan...

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