(Part 1) This is what Better Breakfast for Kids looked like…

Better Breakfast Month is all about creating awareness and educating the masses about eating better breakfasts. We may have heard that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Research has actually shown that kids who eat breakfast generally have healthier weights and perform better on memory tests than those who do not.

In the spirit of celebrating better breakfasts for kids and the September school holidays, we held a private breakfast event with kids aged between 4-10 years old participating.

better breakfast for kids event

Here is what went down with 13 kids at the Oatberry Granola Kitchen: 


We started the morning at 10 am with two ice breakers before jumping into the energy balls workshop. 

Energy balls are high in fibre and have a satiating combination of protein, good carbs and healthy fats. They are also portable, making them the perfect healthy on-the-go breakfast snack first thing in the morning! Besides giving the kids an alternative breakfast option, showing the kids how to make it helps them understand what goes in their food.

The kids were sat around a long table with three teachers facilitating the workshop on making their own energy balls to bring home. Each person had their own station equipped with clean materials and an array of essentials such as oats and oatmeal, fruit and natural sugars placed before them.

better breakfast for kids event

better breakfast for kids event

better breakfast for kids event
As they were making the energy balls, the kids were introduced to each ingredient and got their hands into mixing and rolling each one. Some of them were a bit hungry (and cheeky!) and took a bite of their energy balls before packing into small brown bags. The kids seemed to have enjoyed the activity and those who were well behaved were rewarded with a small gift! 

better breakfast for kids event

This was just the delicious first half of the morning,  for the second half, stay tuned and sign up for email updates from us!

Interested in our energy balls? Grab some online via GrabFood, Deliveroo or Foodpanda. You are also welcome to visit Oatbery Granola Kitchen at Telok Blangah!


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