(Part 2) Granola Parfait Making Workshop for Kids

Better Breakfast Day for Kids continued with a workshop on granola parfait providing the kids with another option for a healthier breakfast/snack!
Granola contains ingredients like oats that is a complex carb and high in fibre. As a breakfast meal, it increases digestion time helping kids feel full longer! Educating the little ones on what goes into your granola parfaits, we encouraged them to be creative in designing their own bowl.
better breakfast for kids event
Here is what went down the second half of Better Breakfast Day with 13 kids at the Oatberry Granola Kitchen: 
The table was set up with a variety of fruits such as strawberries (which the kids loved!), blueberries, mango, dragon fruit, bananas and other fun, less guilt-free ingredients like whipping cream and chocolate syrup. They were also provided with options of Oatberry original or dark chocolate granola.
better breakfast for kids eventbetter breakfast for kids event 
Examples were shown to them to give them an idea of what can be done but most of the kids were happy to start creating their own. One of their favourite parts of this activity was eating it. The kids all enjoyed finishing up their granola parfait. 
Before the morning ended, we invited the parents to make their own granola parfaits while the kids went outside for free play.
better breakfast for kids event
better breakfast for kids eventbetter breakfast for kids event 

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