5 Ways to Eat Granola for Breakfast

September is Better Breakfast Month. Often celebrated in North America and we thought, why not in Singapore? Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day and we could all do with being more mindful of what we eat in the morning. 
To start your day with a balanced and complete breakfast, here are 5 ways to eat granola for breakfast. We have tried it with our kids and they love it too!

1. Have it as a breakfast cereal 

Granola is a great substitute for sugary breakfast cereals out in the market. Fill your bowl with some scrumptious granola and serve it with some fresh milk (or milk alternatives). Ensure that you are using granola with a mix of fruits, seeds or nuts to get a more balanced meal to kick start your morning.

2. Yogurt Parfait 

This is one of our favourite ways to eat Oatberry granola that kids (and kids at heart) absolutely love! Layer your granola in a tall glass with yogurt and top it with some fresh berries to make it look fresh and delicious. This is really simple to assemble in the morning and can be a fun activity to engage your kids!

3. Jazz up your smoothie with some crunch

You can choose to make a thicker smoothie and top it with some tasty granola to add some texture to your smoothie. Or, blend some granola into your smoothie for an additional source of beta-glucan! 

4. Incorporate your granola into some baked recipes

The next time you are baking a loaf banana bread or a tray of blueberry muffins, add a handful of granola into the batter. This can add a whole new dimension to the texture and flavor! To help you get started, we would recommend adding some Oatberry Maple Pecan Granola to your banana loaf (it is yummy!). 

5. On its own

Simple, easy and quick! You can pre-pack granola into little ziplock bags for breakfast on the run! Or, get one of our fun-sized pack!
There’s no wrong way to enjoy granola! Whether it is baked into healthy loaves, sprinkled on as a crunchy topping, or eaten on its own, granola can form part of a varied and balanced breakfast. Whatever your breakfast needs may be, granola is one of those health foods that will always be there for you in a pinch.

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