Merry Christmas!

Seasonal holiday is always a time for indulgence, a time to eat, drink and be merry. For the next party that you are hosting, why not include Oatberry granolas as substitutes to create the honest to goodness, tasty recipes that are delicious and healthy. Our products are Egg free, Dairy free, Vegan, has No Refined Sugar and great source of Fibre. Therefore, here at Oatberry we have come out with some great ideas, to create healthy choices this Christmas and New Year season. Now, let’s get creative!

Maple Pecan Granola –  Turkey Stuffings

Traditional rolled Oats, Pecans, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut, Coconut Organic Oil, Organic Maple Syrup.

This would make a great ingredient for any traditional stuffing recipe, elevating it to the next level. The crunchiness of the nuts and texture of the rolled oats would be perfect with garlic, onion and herbs – making this savoury dish, simple, no fuss and super delicious.

Cinnamon Apple – Apple & Fruit Pie Crust

Traditional rolled Oats, Cinnamons, Apples, Sultanas, Coconut, Coconut Organic Oil, Organic Maple Syrup.

Ground the granola and incorporate it with butter and bake. Viola! you have a gluten free ready pie-crust that is not loaded with refined sugar and yet toothsome. The sultanas, apples and maple syrup add natural goodness with the right amount of sweetness.

Dark Chocolate or Double Chocolate for – Chocolate Tarts Crust

Traditional rolled Oats, Cocoa Dark Chocolate, Coconut Organic, Cold Press Coconut Oil, Sea Salt

A flavourful tart crust for your next ganache chocolate. Add honey and butter to the grounded granola, bake it before adding your chocolate filling. This exceptional chocolate ganache, with hints of saltiness is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Mocha Chip – Tiramisu

Traditional rolled Oats, Coffee Dark Chocolate, Coconut Organic, Cold Press Coconut Oil, Sea Salt

Granola would be the perfect replacement for the biscuits- crush them and layer them, alternating with the mascarpone mixture. Then top it up with chocolate shaves. No soaking your biscuits into messy coffee mixture. The coffee-chocolate combination is heavenly. You wouldn’t want to try any other tiramisu recipe after this.

Original – Layered Trifle

Traditional rolled Oats, Coconut Organic, Cold Press Coconut Oil, Sea Salt

This original granola recipe blends well with the different layers of fruits, cake, cream - with a hint of coconut flavour. Slightly crush and layer them to create a crunchy texture.

With a bit of creativity, effortlessly you can change any traditional recipe and perfect it with our Oatberry Granola and enjoy your Turkey and the Trimmings!

Here at, we wish everyone a healthy and blessed Christmas!





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