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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club offers weekly deliveries direct from our ovens, straight to your doorstep, so your breakfast bowl is always filled with the freshest possible granola goodness.

1. Only the finest ingredients

Like us, we know that our customers are a discerning lot. As part of our mission, we are dedicated to selecting only the finest ingredients from all over the world, to give you the most natural, good-to-your-body options at affordable, sustainable prices.

2. Freshly hand-made weekly

Scheduled weekly, hand-made with you in mind, packed to perfection, and delivered with love and good intentions. Say goodbye to checking expiry dates. 

3. Delivered to your doorstep

No more empty cupboards. Our freshly baked cereals are sent direct from the OATBERRY bakery, straight to your doorstep.

4. Start the day right everyday

Make eating right a new year's resolution thats easy to achieve. With our subscription plan, making healthy choices each morning is simple, convenient, and absolutely delicious. Enjoy a good start to your day, everyday.

From just $15 a month, join the OATBERRY breakfast club so you'll never run out.

NO COMMITMENT ~ Change plan or cancel anytime.
FREE SHIPPING ~ Within Singapore
FRESHLY BAKED ~ Every Monday