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Welcome to Gracious Naturals. Together with my wife, I started this company on the firm belief that as humans, we need to treat each other, ourselves and our own bodies more graciously. With our fast-paced and endlessly pressured lives, so much of the foods we conveniently consume end up being highly-processed, high in sugar, salt and unhealthy oils, and laced with chemicals and artificial enhancers. This leaves our digestive systems overwhelmed and in a state of constant lag, struggling to keep up with processing and detoxification. It's no wonder that so many of us, including myself, struggle with adverse food reactions. As a company, we seek to produce nutritious natural foods and snacks that enable healthier, cleaner and plant-based eating, allowing our food to do what it's suppose to do - help our bodies refuel, restore and rejuvenate.

While eating organic is ideal, it remains out of reach for most people. Gracious Naturals uses a majority of organic produce, supplemented with other high quality and wholesome ingredients from our trusted partners to provide accessibly-priced foods to reach more within our community. We continually strive to become better citizens of our world and to contribute to a positive future - through producing affordable and health-sustaining foods, as well as by using environmentally responsible processes and packaging. 
Fueled by a passion to promote health and wellness from the very first meal of the day, we are proud to have founded Oatberry, producing artisanal all-natural, vegan and allergy-friendly oat cereals and snacks to help you to Start The Day Right. We also created The Mushroom Farm brand, marrying the humble heritage of farm-fresh organically-grown mushrooms with modern sensibilities and food technology to offer an innovative range of vegetarian snacks and health foods.

Serious about eating healthier?

Join us at The Better Breakfast Club on your journey to better health: we share useful tips, surprise you with special deals, reward you for your purchases and supply you with some essential reading on nutrition an wellness. Plus- you can enjoy welcome discount if you sign up now! 

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Wondering how to start your day right, we share tried and tested tips or if you are loving your order, take that chance to order a sampler box (or two) for yourself and stock up your pantry with healthy treats today.

The Oatberry Café

Our dedication to health and gourmet goodness has also led us down the path to serving some seriously good Açai bowls. How good you may ask? So good that our customers have asked for it to be turned into our Açai Celebration Cake so that they get to enjoy a healthier treat for all of life's little and big celebrations. We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy living room experience at The Oatberry Café, with islandwide delivery is also available.

See you soon at The Oatberry Café!


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