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The Oatberry Rewards Program

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Earning Granola Points

There are plenty of ways to earn Granola Points. You can earn points from referrals, purchases, or both! There is no limit to how many points you can accumulate. 
Get 1 Granola Point for every S$1 spent and more!
We want to reward you for making the healthier choice with Oatberry! 

Earning Referral Points

Refer a friend today and get rewarded! Share your love for Oatberry with your family and friends. 

Give them 15% off and get 15% off your next purchase of granola packs (excludes gift boxes and partner products). 
Better Breakfast Club Referral

Redeeming Your Points

Each tier of Granola Points gives you the option to redeem your points for cash vouchers online!
We are constantly looking for new ways to delight you, so feel free to write to us with your suggestions! 
Sign up today to get an 50 points automatically added to your account! 

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