Granola: A closer look at its ingredients

We have all heard that granola is a healthy option to start your day, but do you know what ingredients go into your granola? At Oatberry we pride ourselves in providing nature’s best and here are some of our key ingredients to put you in tip top form to thrive through your days. 

We need a time oat

Oats are the basis of all our gourmet granola, and do they bring a slew of benefits for you to kickstart your day! Being whole grains, it has been found to carry a bounty of goodness including vitamins ( B6 and E), magnesium, thiamin, folate, phytochemicals and soluble fiber. Move over multi vitamin supplements.

Said soluble fiber, beta-glucan in particular, is firstly a prebiotic, which provides good bacteria to your gut. It naturally turns into a gel in your digestive system, keeping you satiated for longer and has been applauded for lowering bad cholesterol. A lowered cholesterol bodes for good heart health; oats literally make your heart sing!  

Let’s go coconuts

You may notice we love utilizing organic coconut oil and sugar in our gourmet granola, and for good reason. Coconut sugar is known to have a lower glycemic index, which means it raises blood sugar slower than its other sugary counterparts. Coconut oil has also been researched to be high in medium chain triglycerides, which the body metabolizes differently than regular fats and can increase how many calories we burn. It is also known to raise good HDL cholesterol in our bodies. 

All that being said, oils and sugars are still used in careful amounts to ensure a well-balanced dose to fuel your day.  

An allergy friendly taste buds party

Food allergies are more common than you think. Learn more.

Having struggled with allergies myself, coupled with a desire to feed my children better, Oatberry was birthed. After copious rounds of crafting the best granola recipes, we now proudly offer gourmet granola that is allergy friendly, dairy free, soy free, egg free and vegan friendly. Never compromising on quality, we source from only the best, incorporating organic sources wherever possible. You will see this in our ingredient list, for example, with organic maple syrup. Despite it also being a source of sugar, as it is not a refined sugar it bodes well for your body! Being fully aware that sometimes allergies can develop in adult years, we are also mindful to use the least allergenic options such as pecan nuts, compared to other types of nuts.

All these components come together to bring a power packed start to and through your days! Itching to get your hands on one of our six delicious flavours, we now have them in sample sizes/ sample box options. (Granola) Party away!

Explore our range of granola now!

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