#IWD2021 Inspiring Women: Sha-En Yeo

In celebration of International Women's Day 2021 themed "ChooseToChallenge" we are excited to kick off the series with Sha-En Yeo, who is the founder of Happiness Scientists. 
Sha-En has trained more than 10,000 people in schools and organizations in the research and practice of Positive Psychology. Sha-En is also a TedX Speaker and the co-author of #1 Best Selling Book called The Road to Success Vol.2.
Below is the interview:
Why do you choose to do what you do?
We only have this one chance at life, so why not leave a positive impact on the world and live with a sense fulfilment? I choose to specialise in positive psychology so that I can inspire others to live their best possible life. I used to think of life from a victim mentality, that the life I have been given is what it is, and that it could not be changed. However, the science & tools of positive psychology have shown me that we can actively create the life we want, and I hope to be able to help others do the same.
What were the challenges you faced when starting out in your field?
Many people were not aware of what Positive Psychology was all about when I first started, it came across as something "fluffy" or "too new". Thus, I had to spend quite a bit of time advocating and cultivating awareness of what it is and how it can help us to thrive. In addition, it is not a physical product in which the outcome can be determined, this cannot be not easily measured and intangible.What challenges do you continue to face right now as a woman in your field?
What challenges do you continue to face right now as a woman in your field?
There are quite a number of women in this field, so thankfully I am surrounded by many like-minded people. Nonetheless, the challenge was translating the research into practical and tangible actions that people can receive, to increase their well-being. I love reading research articles but not everyone does, nor has the time to digest all the jargons and information. Hence, the challenge in our field is to make the complex information simple to understand and inspiring enough for people to want to do something about their mental well-being. That is what I have been endeavouring to do over the past 10 years of doing my work.
What is ONE thing you would like to share with women in your field, or women in general?
It is not selfish to put yourself first, even though it feels that way. When you take care of yourself, everyone around you benefits because they are able to get the best version of you. When you own your dreams and are willing to pursue it, you shine the light on those around you and give them permission to do what they have always wanted. In so doing, we lift not just ourselves but others.

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