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Life's A Picnic (or rather, it can be, when you're at a picnic!)

Another lovely long weekend beckons, and with Phase 2 still ongoing, we thought it would be good to come up with picnic combinations that you could mimic both indoors or outdoors! There are various picnic-friendly spots around our sunny island, so if you decide to venture out, remember to practice safe distancing, and keep those mozzie repellant patches handy!    1. For the Young Families  One of the best things you can do for young children is to have uninterrupted attention and quality time with them, and a great way to do that is by engaging them in pretend play! Whip out your favorite picnic mat (ours is from Gathre), bring out your own playful "inner child," and get started! Step...

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The Snacking A-List: A is for Allergy (Friendly)

"Sorry, I can't have them." Johan admitted sadly, as he handed me back the pack of freshly-baked homemade chocolate chip cookies I had given to him. "I'm allergic to dairy and gluten." After that incident last Christmas, I pondered over how to gift my friend for Christmases to come, and realized that there really are not many options available for people who suffer from allergies commonly found in foods such as dairy, egg, nut, gluten and soy.  Food allergies and intolerances are, however, far more prevalent than many of us realize. Increasingly, almost every other "mom group" conversation that I've been a part of has veered into discussing eczema or someone's kid's food allergies. Commonly too, more people are finding themselves developing adverse...

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Start Your Day Right: How to Get Out of Bed to Live Your Fullest Life

The alarm clock rings and you hit the snooze button. Again. A few snoozes later, you are jolted from your sleepiness when you realize that you have overslept, and you feel drained, contrary to what you wanted to achieve when you hit that button for a few more precious moments of slumber.  Sounds familiar? The snuggle is real. Most of us crave productivity and strive to live effective lives, but are often riddled with feelings of defeat when time is unknowingly whittled away. To help us Start The Day Right, we look at some tried and tested ways to propel us into mental places of peace, purpose and productivity! Are you ready to explore? First, give yourself a compassionate hug, and...

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Life Happens, Chocolate Helps: 3 Surprising Ways Chocolate Helps

Happy Chocolate Day! As we celebrate one of our favourite ingredients, let's sink our teeth into some interesting ways that chocolate helps.  Did you know that chocolate was used as currency during the Mayan times? That was how much they loved and treasured cacao. A familiar predecessor of how we stash our most precious chocolate treasures in a discreet corner of the fridge for an indulgent middle-of-the-night treat!   1. Listen to Your Heart Chocolate is not just good for the emotional aspects of our heart, but also for our literal, physical heart. The compounds in dark chocolate appear to guard against oxidation of LDL, i.e. bad cholesterol. As such, less bad cholesterol stay within the arteries and as a result,...

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