About us

How we started...

Oatberry was created to fill a need (and breakfast bowl), and a gap in my life, a gluten gap.

I started on a gluten-free diet due to a genetic pre-disposition that causes gluten-sensitivity. For me, it isn’t a fad diet or trend I follow. It is physical condition in my gut. The undigested gluten proteins (prevalent in wheat and other grains) hang out in my intestines and are treated like foreign invaders, irritating my gut and reducing my absorption of nutrients from the food. This leads me to experience symptoms of malabsorption, psychological symptoms - depression and physical symptoms - blistering skin that turned sore and inflamed. Removing gluten from my diet allowed my gut to heal and kept the symptoms at bay.

This meant that I couldn't eat noodles or cakes and pastries or even common mueslis and most of all granola! I mean, there are some supermarket granola brands but those I've found contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or LOTS of sugar. This gave me very limited options especially for breakfast in Singapore.

So I started sourcing the best ingredients and making my own mueslis and granola to fill that gap! Added berries and other fruits and seeds which I absolutely love that complemented my recipes perfectly!

And that’s really how Oatberry came about. Using certified gluten-fee oats and gluten-free ingredients. Ingredients you know, you can recognise, able to say and your grandmother will understand.

The recipes have been perfected that I feel they are worth sharing with other gluten-sensitive individuals like myself, children who are prone to food allergy or just about anyone who just wants to do something right for themselves, heal their gut and want to maintain overall health and well-being.

Join me, and do something good for your body - start the day right.