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The Gracious Goodness Gift Box (GF Granola + Mushrooms)


The Gracious Goodness Gift Box (GF Granola + Mushrooms)

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This season, let someone know you care by giving them a gift that helps them Start The Day Right, and snack right!

In collaboration with The Mushroom Farm, The Gracious Goodness Gift Box (GF) contains an assortment of delicious premium Oatberry Gluten-Free Granola to provide 12 days of wholesome and healthy breakfasts, plus scrumptious yet nutritious mushroom snacks to satisfy afternoon cravings and boost immunity!

What’s in The Gracious Goodness Gift Box?
- Oatberry Maple Pecan Gluten-Free Granola 250g
- Oatberry Original Gluten-Free Granola 80g
- Oatberry Double Chocolate Gluten-Free Granola 80g
- Oatberry Dark Chocolate Gluten-Free Granola 80g
- Oatberry Very Berry Gluten-Free Granola 80g
- Oatberry Cinnamon Apple Gluten-Free Granola 80g
- The Mushroom Farm Lightly Salted Shiitake Mushroom Crunchies 180g
- The Mushroom Farm Wasabi Shiitake Mushroom Crunchies 45g
- The Mushroom Farm Cheese Shiitake Mushroom Crunchies 45g
- The Mushroom Farm Shiitake Mushroom Jerky 50g

For more information on The Mushroom Farm products, please visit: https://www.themushroomfarm.com/store

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place.

We provide a complimentary message card in every gift box! Just write into the box "Instructions for seller" before checkout to let us know your message.

By regular shipping, gift boxes will be delivered in 3 - 5 working days, on a weekday.  Please chat to us or email us at hello@oatberry.com for more shipping options.  


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